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EECP (Enhanced External Counter Pulsation)

For Diabetic & Heart Patients

During the treatment, blood pressure cuffs, wrapped around your legs, squeezed and released in syncronisation with your heartbeat, promoting blood flow throughout your body; particularly to your heart. In the process, ECP develops new pathways around blocked arteries in the heart by expanding networks of tiny blood vessels (callaterals) that help increase and normalize blood flow to the heart muscle. For this reason, it is often called the NATURAL BYPASS.

•  Ejection Fraction

•  Cardiac Output

•  Cardiac Contractility

•  Myocardial Perfusion

Enchanded External Counter Pulsation is a non-surgical and non-pharmaceutical treatment for heart disease that is used to relieve or eliminate angina.


 All our organs are working 24 hours & with that, it produce toxins or waste products. These toxins have to be removed, otherwise they will start damaging the organs and other disease starts. On one hand, there is increase in toxins and on the other hand, less of oxygen or nutrition is supplied to the organs. This is a perfect setting of a perfect medical problem like heart attacks, strokes and etc.

Now, for the first time in PJ, we have this ECP machine which can create new blood vessels  thus inceasing the blood supply that is full of nutrition & good oxygen delivery (god). It is common sense medicine.

“I have been practising medicine for over 30 years. As all of us are aging, our blood vessels are becoming narrower and harder.   (This is normal in the aging process). If we are SMOKERS, our vessels will be even narrower. Moreover, if we are DIABETIC, our blood vessels further narrows. THIS NARROWING CAUSES LESS AMOUNT OF BLOOD SUPLLY TO THE HEART, BRAIN, KIDNEYS & OTHER ORGANS... creating heart attacks, strokes, cold hands & feet or lack of energy.”

Dr. Narjit

Advantages of EECP

 • ECP is Truly Non - Invasive... 100% No Needles or Pricking

 • ECP is Painless & Safe

 • ECP is Inexpensive and Saves Money in the long run

 • ECP works ; as every session is like walking 6 miles

 • ECP requires No Recovery Time and
    after each session, you can go to work
    or carry on with your normal duties

 • ECP detoxifies the body

 • ECP increase activity levels & improves
    Quality of Life

 • Patients with Stents, Pacemakers or
    Irregular Heartbeat can

 • Memory Impairment or Bleeding Complication....
    all of which are common side effects of surgery.

Who will benefit from EECP?

Patients who suffer:

  • Having Chest Pain or Unstable Angina

  • Not keen to go for Bypass Surgery or Unable to do

  • Bypass Surgery

  • Where Bypass Surgery has been done & Blocks reoccur

  • As a Prevention not to get Blocks especially in Diabetics

  • Heart Diseases, Heart Enlargements or Heart Failures

  • Patients with Stents or Pacemakers

  • Diabetics & its Complications

  • Hypertension / Uncontrolled High Blood Pressure / Stroke

  • Early Kidney Diseases

  • Avascular Necrosis

  • Poor Circulation in Legs & Feet (cold feet)

  • General Weakness or Tiredness (Chronic Fatigue)

  • Where-ever there is decrease in Blood Flow

  • Smokers

  • As a Preventive measure to Delay Aging and improves

 • Organ function


No Needles
No Medicine

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