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The Wholistic Method

It starts by answering simple questions followed by a consultation with a doctor. The doctor decides what sort of investigations are required to evaluate the issue.
Once the patient has told us his key problems or areas of concern we look into his life style too eg the type of water he drinks, what time he sleeps & the quality of sleep, does he feel tired after the sleep? (could he be having sleep apnoea?), his eating habits, the types of suppplements taken or has he been taking other types of alternative treatments (of which we are well versed) etc.

The following diagnostic methods may be used.

• Blood & Urine test
• X-rays, Ultra Sounds , CT Scans or MRI's
• Bone Density Investigation
• Evaluation of Hormones & Cancer Makers
• Evaluation of Heavy Metals
• Hair Analysis for Heavy Metals & Minerals
• Measuring Oxidative Stress & Levels
   of Anti Oxidants
• Live Blood Analysis
• Using Bio Resonance Methods
   (still under R&D)

Combining step 1 & step 2 information an analysis is done & we narrow down the treatment & then have a final discussion with the patient & various options are given.

The client makes the decision, makes the payment & treatment starts plus follow up consultations to evaluate his progress.
A minimum of 3 months therapy is suggestive for long standing medical issues.

Wholistic medicine is usually done with
a team of western & alternative or complementary practicing doctors.

“In the 1920’s people were dying of starvation and now in the 2000’s people are dying of

Dr. Narjit

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