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My-Life Story

The story from a father to his son...

I sold my 25 acres of tea estate in Cameron hightlands to become a medical doctor at 45 (1969). My wife Surjit was the main person to encourage & support me to complete my dream, ambition & passion to become a doctor.

I started my medical career in University hospital & little did I know that after 4 years (1973), from a doctor, I became a patient in the same hospital. I wanted to help other patients get better & now, I am unable to help myself. I have leukemia (cancer of the blood) & as a doctor, I know my days are numbered.

I have been offered to go to Germany to try bone marrow transplant (then it was the early experimental stage only) but that too they could not guaantee any success. I would rather spend whatever days I have in my life with my family rather then dying alone in Germany.

I feel very dissatisfied & disappointed with the medical science & do not know what else to do. My three childrens; Amar the eldest is in the final year, Naji is in the 2nd year while my youngest daughter in entering medical school.

I hope one day one of my kids can do something different and help the community at large to minimize this cancer and other degenrative diseases.

My father is my guide; he is my inspiration in a 40 year journey to understand various healing systems and methods.

I believe no one system can claim that it can heal or cure everything. However by using a combination of healing methods we can optimize our health.

And that gave birth to this Complementary and Integrated Medical Centre (IMC) of health & wellness known as DR NAJI’S INSTITUTE OF WHOLISTIC HEALTH & WELLNESS @ MYLIFE CENTRE

My father, Dr Harbans Singh

left this note in his diary that I wish to share with you.

“ I shall continue this
        legacy of my father.

Dr. Narjit

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